ISPT Techno project – Pervatech

For the ISPT Techno project: Recovery of aggressive solvents, which are difficult to separate, Pervatech modified and tested ceramic membranes. These tests showed that it is possible to tailor a membrane towards an optimum for the separation of volatile aromatic organic components from an Ethanol/Water stream. The separation took place in a pervaporation process and resulted in an increase in the reusability of the ethanol from 3 times to approximately 50 times. The cost reduction in terms of less ethanol purchases and lower incineration volumes were calculated at 90%.

Tests performed at Pervatech on the industrial feed shows the potential of the pervaporation membrane technology for the cleaning of Ethanol streams and the possibilities for tailoring membranes towards a desired output.

Please contact us, if you are interested to receive more information about our pervaporation solutions or to make an appointment to speak about our technology and the possible opportunities for your company.

Yours faithfully,

 Frans Velterop

Managing Director

Pervatech BV
The Netherlands


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