We offer the guaranteed best price for your Gold, Silver or Platinum.

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If you are like most of our customers, this might be your 1st time selling your valuables. We completely understand this and know that getting the best deal can be a confusing task. Our goal is to help you feel confident that you are getting the best money for your valuables and dealing with a trustwothy, reputable company. Our promise is simple, we offer the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE for your Gold, Silver or Platinum. And, you can even calculate the amount you will get on our website: goudaankoop.nl

Unlike most other websites, Goudaankoop invites you to shop around for the best offer on your valuables, then call us and speak with a gold specialist. We will BEAT YOUR BEST OFFER, GUARANTEED.Of course we hope that you will choose to do business with our company, but we highly recommend that you visit our “Beware of Scams” page to become a better educated seller no matter whom you choose.

In our attempt to offer the most honest and straight forward service, we will reveal some of the tricks and scams that many other sites use to appear legitimate. DON’T BE FOOLED!

What Gold Items We Buy For Cash:

Goudaankoop.nl, we pay out a fast return for gold, silver and platinum items that are in ANY condition. Precious metals retain their value even after years of use, so we are able to pay cash on any item you might have that you no longer want.

Here is a brief list of some of the items you can sell gold with:

– Rings

– Necklaces

– Bracelets

– Chains

– Earrings

– Gold Watches

– Cufflinks

– Key Chains

– Cash Clips

– Brooches

– Charms and Lockets

– Class Rings

– Dental Gold

Each of these items can be gold, silver or platinum and can be sent out to us in a pre paid gold by mail at no cost to you. Pay zero shipping costs and get cash for your valuables within just a few days at up to 3 times the rates of our competitors. Sound like a great way to sell gold for cash? Contact us for more details!

you can even calculate the amount you will get on our website: <a href=”http://goudaankoop.nl”>goud kopen</a>

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