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N.E.C. Sunday gets the chance to get revenge for the defeat against Roda JC. Then they take on champions Ajax. There seems at present the two different worlds. Ajax’s on and off the field crisis. N.E.C. always seems to do better and there is peace.

The last five games
The last five games went well NEC Ajax as the wind. Both teams are
not ‘winning streak, but N.E.C. does slightly better with two victories in the last three games. It should be said that the games were not won before.
Ajax almost forget that besides the government crisis is still playing football. The last five games did Ajax, despite reasonably good football, only to beat Roda JC. Furthermore, they had to share points and defeat them members.

Injuries and suspensions
Where Ajax probably some major players such as De Jong, Sightorsson, and Bulykin Boilesen be missed is the selection of NEC almost injury free. Only in the defense, there are still a few problems. Amieux for Remy and Bram Nuytinck, this race too early. They have too many problems with the knee and ankle respectively. Niels Zurich revalideert still his injury. N.E.C. has nothing to do with suspension. It should defender Rens van Eijden careful because he is ‘on edge’.

The contest was
For N.E.C. produced home games against Ajax and moments on some records. There were on April 21, 1968 less than 32,000 (!) Visitors present in, then, the old Goffert. Also striking is that the current technical director Carlos Aalbers (photo), on August 25, 1995 his last game for NEC played, after which he was later invited back to NEC to prevent degradation.

There is also one of the most dubious record at home against Ajax based. May 2, 2010 was the date when Patrick Pothuizen astray not only as a paid professional, but also picked up his 84th yellow card. He ‘fourth’ this by showing a shirt with a yellow card and the number 84 on it.

N.E.C. is certainly not a chance. Not only because Ajax midweek against Olympique Lyon in and played. Through all the stops to turn, the Nijmegen eredivisionist home a good result can take.

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