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Welcome to MariaBingo, a place where everyone can meet. Maria Bingo offers bingo, slots, scratch cards, casino to a female audience. The biggest difference between male and female punters is the social aspect of gaming. Maria Bingo is the perfect way of meeting people and find new friends.

Maria Bingo was conceived to encourage women’s habit of socializing while doing other things simultaneously like shopping, cooking or enjoying their hobby. For this purpose Maria Bingo has one of the world’s largest communities for women where they can share their life with blogs, photos, recopies and live chats. The community is open to all, even those who do not play but simply likes to meet new friends.

Maria Bingo is one of the world’s largest bingo halls but still one of the most personal. Our friendly and helpful customer support helps the punters with everything that they need. They’re available from early morning to late at night. In addition there are chat moderators who entertain the punters online by acting as hosts of the live chats.

Maria Bingo offers a variety of different games. We’re proud to announce that we have the highest jackpots as well as the easiest ones to win. Quick Bingo is another popular game for the punters who enjoy a game filled with action. Traditional bingo is with 75 ball bingo and one of our most popular games. We also offer 90 ball bingo and charity bingo. Each week we find a new charity organization who is offered a part of the income from a special game.

MariaBingo is a fully owned subsidy of Unibet, a gaming company listed on the Swedish stockmarket. This gives our punters safety when it comes to the company’s stability and the security of our payment solution, which is one of the best in the market. The customer should always feel safe at Maria Bingo – to us it’s a No 1 priority.

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