International Scientific Conference on Pervaporation

International Scientific Conference on Pervaporation, Vapor Permeation and Membrane Distillation 


Toruñ, Poland 12th – 15th May 2013


Aim of the conference is to bring together all researchers, companies and potential industrial end-users interested in pervaporation, vapor permeation and membrane distillation at theoretical and practical level.


Pervatech BV is GOLD LEVEL SPONSOR of the conference. We will hold an oral presentation of the possibilities of our pervaporation membrane technology.

1. Fundamentals, theoretical description and modeling.
2. New membrane materials (polymeric/inorganic, mixed
matrix) and membrane modifications.
3. Applications – large scale, small scale, niche, membrane
4. Membrane ageing and fouling.
5. Potentials of Pervaporation/Vapor Permeation and MD techniques in

    shale gas production and processing.
6. Environmental impact and economics.

Nearest airport: Bydgoszcz (BZG)

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