The remarkable business model of a Dutch jeweller

In Western Europe, there are many cities renowned for their jewellery shops en businesses. Antwerp is perhaps the best example, while Amsterdam and Brussels are not very far behind. In recent years however, a jeweller from The Hague came up with a revolutionary way of running his business. A way that could change the whole industry.

At Goudaankoop jewellers people bring in the jewellery they no longer wish to keep. This is appealing to customers in more than one way. First of all they receive their payment right away. In cash, if they prefer. The amount is based upon the real-time updated international gold price. Except for the straight away cash, there is also the current gold price that makes this particular transaction so appealing to customers.

What remains is the question what’s in it for Goudaankoop jewellers. As stated above the current gold prices are high. That goes for silver and many other raw materials as well and is a development that forces many jewellers to increase the prices of their commodities. Which, in turn, decreases the amount they sell. Buying gold from private customers offers a way around the expensive gold on the international market and to buy gold cheaply instead. Private customers who, in their turn, are more likely to sell their old golden jewellery because of the international economic crisis.

The only limitation to the Goudaankoop concept is perhaps their fixed location. But even this is something that doesn’t have to be a problem. A unique postal service system is set up, in which customers send in their jewellery and receive their money. Usually on their bank account. This opens an almost limitless market for Goudaankoop.

Currently Goudaankoop spends most of its resources on buying gold en jewellery, rather than selling it. That might seem odd, but works well. In a troubled market Goudaankoop manages increase their revenues continuously and to expand the public awareness of the ‘Gold sell concept’.

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