The classic Ajax Feyenoord will be played on January 29.


The classic Ajax Feyenoord will be played on January 29.

Earlier this season, the clubs played against each other already. Feyenoord did not managed to archrival Ajax in the Amsterdam Arena to beat. Feyenoord was the better club for a long time and came to lead, but still let the profits run, after goalkeeper Vermeer with a red card must leave the field. The match ended when at 1-1. Ajax remained thus for the eleventh consecutive unbeaten in a league with Feyenoord.

Feyenoord closed Friday, January 13 on the training camp in Marbella. Coach Koeman is satisfied, but critical players Jerson Cabral and Ron Vlaar. “When an opponent plays something different tactics than we used to, we come straight into trouble. The organization fell away, the communication was lacking, “said Koeman.

Ajax played a friendly game Saturday, Jan. 14 against Brazil’s Palmeiras. Cicinho defender made ??a great impression on coach Frank de Boer. “It’s a type of right back where we like. If a transfer is possible, this is certainly an interesting option, “said coach de Boer. Ajax this summer, consider a departure from Gregory van der Wiel to

PSV – Vitesse

Friday, January 27, 2012 is the premier place Vitesse-PSV. In November 2011 PSV played even against Vitesse. The final score was 1-1.

Sprint would like to immediately strengthen Chelsea player Patrick Aanholt. It is now investigated the possibility that Dutch defender is playing at Vitesse. Under the rules, a player per season for no more than two clubs out. Of Aanholt would have played for both clubs. The KNVB does research.

PSV captain, Toivonen think a big chance at the title. PSV are better than last season. PSV is a team with many young players and then there is a danger that players are arrogant. It should not. Coach Rutten mark it well.

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