Unibet will become the customer's game site of choice

Unibet Games offers a wide range of games appealing to all tastes.
Unibet Games provide a good introduction to the thrill of game play and thus create a cross selling opportunity into the harder edged Casino.
Unibet currently offer over 20 games in many categories such as Keno and HiLo.
Our plans for the coming year will see many new games added, including an exciting range of slots and branded games.
Customers play from their Unibet wallet – no requirement to transfer funds to chips.
Regular seasonal promotions such as Reindeer Racing give an entertaining incentive for customers to keep coming back.
By offering games designed to appeal to all players and keeping content fresh, Unibet will become the customer’s game site of choice.

Skill games
Unibet works on an online B2B skill games network with partners from media and the gaming industry, supporting 20 languages.
Unibet currently offers 20 Games with a catalogue featuring sport betting, arcade, card & dice etc.
Play single and multiplayer games for cash prizes.
Multiplayer games – Couronne, Backgammon and 8-ball pool.
Attracts a young demographic audience.

Scratch cards
Unibet uses NetEnt as the provider of scratch cards.
Very popular due to their low costs and the opportunity to win big instantly.
Approximately 5 out of 10 cards win.
Cards are offered in four different purchase categories: ?0.50, ?1, ?2 and ?5.
The ?2 and ?5 cards both have a progressive jackpot where a percentage of each ticket sale goes into the jackpot, which constantly increases until won.

Unibet has some of the biggest online casino tournaments in the world.
Unibet hosts regular ?10,000 and ?20,000 tournaments that run on a specific game where players compete against each other.
Based on a formula of 20 best consecutive rounds the players are ranked on a leaderboard.
At the end of the tournament (which usually runs for a week) the top 10 placed are awarded real money prizes according their ranking.
Participating is very easy: you need to play with real money and play at least 20 rounds on the game anywhere in between the start and end date of the tournament.

Video poker
The Video Poker collection goes from single hand to 100 hands with various types like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild & Joker Wild.
For the fans of slot machines, Unibet definitely has a very interesting offer with several high quality Video Slots with highly entertaining bonus rounds & free spins with the possibility to win big on the progressive jackpots.

Unibet holds regular campaigns with various promotions , to increase the life time value of trigger activation and decrease churn rates.
Unibet’s casino results out-perform the competition with an average life time value and average return per user that is about twice as high as our direct competitors in casino.

for more information about the online casino games go to the website.

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